Things to do in your Garden in October


Another busy month!


Tip of the month


Cover your pots to stop squirrels eating bulbs or planting their own!!




Cut back perennials that have died down


Divide perennials


Move tender plants into the greenhouse


Prune climbing roses


Collect seeds from summer flowering perennials and store in paper bags


Sow sweet pea seeds


Plant out spring bedding


Vegetable / Fruit Garden


Harvest the last of the main crop potatoes


Harvest the last of the runner beans, save the seed and leave the roots in the ground as a soil fertiliser


Pull up carrots and store


Take off the last of the green tomatoes and make into chutney


Divide rhubarb crowns


Plant out spring cabbages


Plant winter salads in growbags


Pot up mint and parsley for the kitchen window sill




Good time to turn your compost bins


Clear leaves and keep for making leaf mould


Clean out the greenhouse and wash down the staging


Insulate your greenhouse with bubble wrap


Last chance to mow your lawns


Last chance to trim your hedges


Raise patio planters onto bricks so they are not sitting in water or ice over the winter


Have fun in your garden this Autumn!!!


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© Nicki Priest