Things to do in your Garden in December



A quieter month!!


Tip of the month


Put your feet up and read your gardening books for ideas for next year






Prune Acers, Birches and Vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding


Deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted and transplanted


Take hard wood cuttings


Sow Alpines from seed


Prune Wisteria side shoots to 10-15cm from their base


Cut holly branches ready for Christmas decorations



Vegetable / Fruit Garden


Lift Celery, Parsnips, Swedes and Leeks


Take hard wood cuttings of soft fruit


Sow Onions


Plant Rhubarb crowns 


Net your Brassicas to prevent pigeons eating them





Cover compost bins so any excess rain doesn't leach away the nutrients


Check your greenhouse heaters are working


Prevent ponds and pipes from freezing


Keep mice away from stored products


Clean out water butts


Make sure the birds are well fed and have plenty to drink 





Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 











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