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Dear Member


Welcome to our Summer newsletter, wow hasn’t it been hot! Our poor pots and hanging baskets – hopefully they have all survived. We have been saving all our washing up water to water the garden – have you? I hope that is the last of the extreme heat and we can enjoy a normal summer from now on.



Summer Show - Saturday 13th August


The Summer Show is on Saturday 13th August.  It would be great to have a really good Summer Show again this year with us not being able to have one for the last 2 years. Have a good look round your gardens and see what you have to enter. Entry forms need to be in by Wednesday 10th August.  If you haven’t entered anything into the Show before and would like to but feel as though you need a little bit of help please let us know and we will be able to assist you – it is quite exciting!! The schedule is on the website for you to refer to or print off if you can’t find your hard copy. Good luck and look forward to seeing your entries.


Entry forms for the Children's classes can be obtained from Jeff Formstone by telephoning him on 01244 322003.


Whilst on the subject of entry forms, please can you use a separate form for each person entering; including two people on one form complicates the admin work when preparing the entries, many thanks for your co-operation.





RHS Bridgewater Trip 26th July 


The trip to RHS Bridgewater is now full – I hope everyone going has a lovely time – I have heard so many good reports. Can’t wait to hear all about it.






Southport Flower Show 18th August


There are a few seats left on the coach if anyone would like to go - £35 per person and there are some tickets available if you would prefer to go under your own steam - £15 per person. Please let me or Helen Gardiner know if you would like to go.




We are still looking for a Membership Secretary – so if anyone is interested please let me know.





Have you looked at our website?  Nicki, one of our Committee members is still working hard on the website. The address is We are trying to keep it up to date with the latest happenings and it has got meeting information, Show details as well as photos, news etc. etc. If there is anything in particular that is connected with the Society that you would like to put on the website please let Nicki or I know.




We are looking for new committee members to join our committee. We have had a couple of ladies join us in the last month or two which is brilliant and we are extremely grateful but we still need more members. Without new helpers, we will not be able to do all the things that we do in the Society. We work hard but we do have a good time. It is enjoyable work and hopefully you all enjoy the things we do but as I say without new helpers we won’t be able to do everything we do for the Society. Please think hard about it and let me know if you are interested. Thank you. 





Don’t forget we are looking for a new Chairman – if anyone is interested please let me know


                                                                        And finally


I hope this Summer is a good one weather-wise and we can all get into our gardens more and enjoy them – as long as that extreme heat doesn’t reappear!


Hopefully see you at the Summer Show


If you can’t make the Show I will hopefully see you ate the next meeting on 7th September when Jill Cawthray is coming to talk to us about the Shady side and the competition is a vase of foliage.


I'll let you get back to your gardens to carry on the good work. 


Happy gardening


Wendy Carman



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