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January - March 2022

We’d like to wish all our members a Happy New Year – we hope you had a good Christmas and are now getting ready for the gardening year ahead.  I have already ordered my seeds for this year (too many, as always, but I can never resist the catalogues!).


Programme 2022

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 2 February, which will be our AGM, followed by a talk on 'Tony's Top 50 World Gardens' by Tony Russell.  The competition for this meeting is 'A photograph of your favourite garden'

At our following meeting on Wednesday, 2nd March, we have Marguerite Hughes speaking on 'Making the most of yur garden in the Spring' and the competition is 'A pot of Spring bulbs'

We will continue to have a seed swap at these meetings, so if you have any spare seeds, please bring them along.  And looking ahead to the plant sale at our May meeting, if you are splitting any plants over the next few weeks or have any spare seedings, we would very much appreciate your contributions to the sale.

Spring Show


Our first show of the year will be the Spring Show on Saturday, 2nd April. Staging will be from 8 to 11am on the Saturday morning and you can find details in the schedule that you will be given when you renew your membership or you will be able to view it on the website once it has been uploaded.  If you have not entered before, do have a go, it's not difficult and there will be Stewards on hand to  help you with staging and any queries you have have,  It is always lovely to see the displays on the day when the hall is filled with coulourful flowers


Subscriptions to the Society are now due and you can renew yours at the February meeting.  If you would like to fill out the form attached to this new letter and bring it to the meeting, this will save time on the night, if you are unable to attend you can contact Wendy who is looking ager our Memberships until a replacement can be found.  If anyone is interested on taking on this role, please let Wendy know.  Her contact details on on the membershiip tab of the website or or call her on 07753 620641.  The membership fee is £10 for single or £15 for joing memberships.


We had booked to go to the Southport Flower Show in 2020, and we hope that this will go ahead this year. Some of you have already bought tickets, but we have spare places if you would like to go – it’s on Thursday, 18 August. The committee is considering other trips for this year and we’ll let you have information on these as soon as they have been organised.  The Trips second of the website will be updated with any new trips that have been organised and if you have any suggestions on where you would like to go please let Rita know.

Your society needs you!

We have welcomed a few new members to our committee over the last year or so (thank you Veronica Barnett, Mary Stubbington, Clive Liddiard and Judy Millington!) but are always glad of new volunteers – it spreads the workload, especially for busy events such as the shows. Feel free to speak to any of us on the committee if you’d like more information. And if anyone would like to volunteer for the role of Chairman, that would be much appreciated – Wendy has offered to stand in as Chairman on a temporary basis (thank you so much Wendy!) but we will need to recruit someone permanent.


We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting.


Helen Gardiner


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